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Easy QR

We’ve released an Android app to scan and generate QR codes called Easy QR.

What’s EasyQR

It is a simple, free and open source app which doesn’t contain any ads, and comes in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German languages.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the restaurants have digitalized their menu, so it’s common to see now a QR code that hides a URL to view or download the menu. With Easy QR you can scan this QR code and see the text it hides and, if it’s a URL, browse it with a single click.

Aditionally, for business owners who want customers to access certain URL, Easy QR includes a feature to generate this code out of a URL or text, and to save it or share it.

Get it on Google Play

Share it with your family and friends, it is a handy tool and it’s all yours!

Get it on Google Play